We’ve moved!

Well it’s finally happened…we’ve moved to a new landing site. You see over the course of the last several months I had this nagging sensation that this blog…with all it’s posts and features, just wasn’t where I wanted it to be. After lots of tweeks and playing around with different features I just couldn’t get … More We’ve moved!

My Midnight Chat

{This was a story I shared on Facebook, only tweaking it to fit here on this blog. Enjoy!} SO I have to be really honest….even though I love social media  and blogging and and love to talk I also LOVE to hear stories and hear from you! This blog may or may not be a … More My Midnight Chat

30 Days of Crazy

Before I begin our posts with our foodie series, I wanted to jump in on for a moment and tell you why I’ve been absent the last few weeks. It boils down to just enjoying life. See in the last few weeks, my best friend went to Australia (and is coming home tomorrow) allowing me … More 30 Days of Crazy