Testimony Tuesday

I love testimonies. Stories. REAL stories.

Not the made up Hollywood crud. No…realllly real stories.

Realllyyy real testimonies.

This past Friday was one of them. My friend was opening up her new home for friends and family to see but was suffering from a bad headache. A “sit-on-the-couch-I-want-to-host-but-I-can’t” headache. I offered her some peppermint oil that I had in my purse, “Would you like to try a little?” I said. She gave me her approval and after mixing a drop in my hand with some coconut oil she had in the kitchen I rubbed it on her neck and forehead. Minutes went by, and my friend went from couch-sitting-splitting-headache, to once again being the life of the party. Seeing her smile and getting a big hug afterward, WAS WORTH IT.

WORTH joining the Young Living Essential Oil Family.

Stories of my friends getting BETTER physically, and giving me a hug, are just ONE of the reasons I started….I’ve gotten to see…

… another friend relax and get better after a super stressed week, just by diffusing THIEVES oil…..{WORTH IT}

…..see my husbands’ extremely puffy-swelling-shut eyes deflate minutes after applying LAVENDAR oil…rather than take him to an Emergency Care center like we had before….{WORTH IT}…

….have my own nasuea, stomach cramps, or queasiness disappear after drinking PEPPERMINT in water… {WORTH IT}…

….have a friend make a hand-scrub with YL essential oils, and tell all her friends how smooth her hands are…{WORTH IT}….

…see a childs’ fever go down, and sickness leave after applying oils to their feet…. {WORTH IT}….

So many WORTH IT moments. THESE moments are the WHY I JOINED Young Living Essential Oils as a Distributor, and share about them…because I get to see the WORTH IT moments..of people I care about and love.

Is it WORTH IT for You?


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