Cleaning to Oiling: Why I switched

Recently, I received a lot of requests to clean houses. It’s not entirely out of the blue. For years as a part of my upbringing, cleaning houses was apart of my life. My mom cleaned houses to add to the family income and when she had a bigger job, or need a little extra help, we (my cousin and I) went with her. We were homeschooled and we had the flexibility to put our math books down and pick up a scrub brush, and every now and then, gain some extra cash in our pockets. It was a simple life skill that we quickly learned to master.

Fast forward to beyond high school years. I worked as a pre-k teacher at a private school, with a 20-clocked work week (pulling more like 30) on salary. For a teacher on salary, it doesn’t matter how many hours you work, it is the same check every week. Whether you 5 hours that Saturday night to do Pre-K lesson plans to meet up to state-standards, or just winged-it,  it was the same every week A rewarding job for to invest in children but when . A girl has to pay bills, and eat, so money has to come from somewhere, and it doesn’t come from teaching.  So, on when the cleaning jobs.

With this a day of work would start at 9 at the school, end at 2, and then my cleaning job would begin- 4 hours of  wiping down counters, taking out trash and scrubbing toilets.. It was good money, usually averaging $60-$75 for 3-4 hours of cleaning, depending on how efficient I was. It was a nice cushion to add to a stretched-thin teacher’s budget.

A few years later and I begain working as a part-time nanny (30 hours a week) with a higher rate. I worked 30 hours in 3 days. My two week days left I spent picking up what houses I could. Some weeks that meant pulling in an extra $200+ a week, depending on how many houses I had.  On top of taking care of kiddos, meant for a VERY exhausting week. By the time Sunday came, my body was sore, my soul was wanting and my “adult-social” life which needed so badly to be recharged was taken over from the physical exhaustion. If I did plan to do anything other than church, I was sure to pay for it Monday morning. The constant demand of more houses, meant I just could not keep up and I had no desire to stop Nannying  to make a licensed business or pay employees or expand. It was purely to put some extra cash in my pocket to pay the bills and to keep me out of trouble.

Since this time I’ve realized a lot (and a lot has changed in my life). I still work as a nanny, but I do so full-time. I’m no longer single, but married with a little one on the way. I no longer just seek to put extra cash in our pockets but rather seek to CHANGE our financial path, get out of debt, and give our children an inheritance. My hubby and I don’t want to just work for the NOW but also for the FUTURE.


A lot has changed in our lives. Our bundle of joy is due to arrive October ’15.

Here are several reasons we now look to using Essential Oils to help us keep healthy but also to bring financial change.

1) Its got potential for growth, and easy multiplication.

2) People can be on my team, and while leading and guiding them, they are not fully leaning on my skill.

3) It’s not physically exhausting .

4) I’m exposed to healthier substances, not chemicals that could kill me..

5) The opportunity to meet people other than friends, church members and family are enormous.

6) I can do a lot of work from home, from my phone, at the beach etc..In short: .I work when I want, where I want.

7) The compensation plan is very  simple,  rewarding and beneficial .

8) I have many opportunities to use creative skills such as teaching, writing, graphic design, personal/social skills and business skills.

9) I can be myself and not just be a “house-cleaner.”

10) The products have helped my husband and I to stay healthier and live fuller (stay tuned for our oil testimony!)

11) I’m not just floating around in the sea doing my “own” thing. My business is my “own” but I have a community to draw from

12) Young Living is a company with high moral and business standards, and I can trust them.

13) It provides extra income for our family soooo….

It’s been a great switch. It’s been so much better on my health, growth and we are looking forward to what this company will continue to do for our family. We’d love to have you apart. To join us in this grand adventure simply click here and enter #1637236 in the sponsor/enroller box to get started.

IMG_0875                                                               We use Young Living Essential Oils on a daily basis


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