Why Hummus is so Good For You

Today’s Post is a little out of the ordinary. Typically our topic stays on essential oils, but today I’d like to share a little about some other health oils and foods that benefit our body. Tell me, what is your favorite flavor? Do you make your own?


“What do you call it when you murder a chickpea? Hummuside.”


Many years ago I was on my way to a potluck and, in typical procrastinator fashion, I ended up at the refrigerated “Entertaining” section of my local grocery store with only minutes to decide what to bring. My indecisiveness must have been apparent to a woman passing by as I studied the veggie trays, artesian cheeses, and fancy crackers the end cap had to offer.

“Get the hummus.” She said.
“What’s hummus?” I asked holding a tub of goop in the middle of the grocery store?
“It’s hummus.” She said disappearing around the corner.

I shrugged and put the tub in my basket. Little did I know I had just selected a super food.

hummus 2In fact, everybody raved about that glop at the party. I had first heard of this magical stuff years ago so I tried…

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