I Thought the Flip-Flops Were a Good Idea But… 

Ok moms, at home entrepreneurs, at home business owners, any-one- who-has-any-projects-or work-at-home-stuff-to-do:  listen up. I totally love pajamas. Comfy jeans, t-shirts, flip flops, slippers. I love sleeping in, no make-up and laying on the couch. I totally get comfort. And I know You do too. 

Here’s the thing though- if I wear my “comfy clothes” when I have work to do, I don’t get stuff done. Why? We’ll because mentally my mind wants to take a nap when I’m in jammies, relax when I’m in my comfy jeans and chill in my slippers. My mind adjusts to what I’m wearing. Think about how important you feel when your wearing that fancy gown or tux or cute when you sport that jean jacket. Our attitudes reflect what we wear and visa. 

So, think   about how that reflects your productivity at working. If you work at home, change your clothes for those work hours. Dress up a little. Wear a collar shirt, wear a little mascara. Dress up so you mentally know that your at work, and them change when your done. Even put on your shoes, so you know your ready to go. Even if know one is home to see you, you know and that’s what matters. 


Get ready for more productivity! 


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