Give Me Some Space, Please

We all need space. I know I do. A breather, a place to call your own. Your bedroom, a desk, a nook. 

When were are children in kindergarten our teachers gave us cubbies. When we got older, we may have gotten our own rooms, as adults we got an office. 

If you work at home, give yourself your own space. Whether it’s a desk, a room or a cubby. Make sure to have your own workspace, a place free of distractions , and free of “other” projects. A few personal decorations, a window facing nature, a undisturbed part of the house, off limits from the kiddos- make it a personal, peaceful place  for you to be undistracted! 


My space is a cabinet near our kitchen and near the computer, and organized files near the computer. Though our condo is small and my hubby and I share the computer, I have my own filing system on the desk. When I sit down to work I make sure it’s clear of any thing that distracts. Often I put on my favorite soft music or open the windows and let the song of the birds fill my “office”. 

   Our condo sits 3 stories up among the trees, with birds often singing to me as I work. 


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