On Asking God Why

I know this is an odd post here, admits cheery posts, recipes and tips. I believe, however, there might be woman here who have experienced what my husband and I have recently and currently are going through: the loss of our little daughter through miscarriage.

I don’t know why God took little Rachel Eden before we were able to meet her. I don’t know why we walked through the sorrow of losing our baby at only 8 weeks, losing our first pregnancy and so early on in our marriage ( we were married only 4 months when we found out). I really don’t know the answer to any of those questions- why it hurt so badly, why tears hit us randomly, why it can be hard to see other children. I don’t know why it happened, and I might never.

I know in all this – God is still good. He is good to my husband, comforting him, giving him stregnth. God has not forsaken me, as a good Father, he knows what it is to lose a child. He knows and grieves with us. He is good to us in our tears, our questions and our loneliness. He is good, whether or not I know why it happened. He is good, in this I trust. He is good in the darkest moments and in the brightest ones. He is good.

Know dear friends, when you can’t make sense of it, He is good. So very very good.

We miss you, and love you little Rachel. Mommy and Daddy will see you again someday.

He is good.


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