So What’s Up with All These Oils? 

It’s everywhere it seems. Posts about Essential Oils- why your cousin used peppermint when they weren’t feeling well, used Thieves to clean their counters, or used Lemon in their cooking.

If you’re wondering what all the “hype” is about or want some basic info here’s a start for what you need to know…

1. Essential oils are not medicine and should not be intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure a disease. However, oils do have wonderful properties that can help your bodies systems to function better and boost your immunity and overall health. 

2. There are different kinds of oils and where you buy them does make a difference. Always do your research before using any type or brand of oil.

3. There are different ways to use to essential oils ESPECIALLY depending on the GRADE you are using. Young Living uses THERAPUTIC grade which is deemed SAFE for skin and ingesting. Of course, ALWAYS read the label of the oil you are using for more specific instructions. 

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