When Easter Dinner Hits Hard

Pinneapple Chicken, Cheesy Bacon Pull-apart bread, Rice, Salad, Carrot Cake. {Lunch}

Potatoes, mac’n’cheese, pies, bread, dips, coffee, {Dinner}

Nibbles. Nibbles. Nibbles.

More coffee. More nibbles. A little piece of bread here. A bite of pie here. The list goes on…and the grazing went on and on.

Was this your experience today?

When you've just plain eaten too much, and too much of the wrong thing.
When you’ve just plain eaten too much, and too much of the wrong thing.

It was mine.

Today was a time of reverent reflection and enjoying the atmosphere of good company, good people and really good food. Now, as my mom would say, all that food is “stick’n to my arteries.”  I won’t stand condemned for the mistakes I’ve made tonight- the eating when I was full, the constant dessert choices I made, the constant return to the table of food for just that One.More.BITE…..However,  I will make choices that are good for me NOW.

So tonight, it’s a short cardio workout before bed to get some blood-pumping and calories burned (and so I can sleep better!). It’s time for a tall-glass of Peppermint water to help with digestion. It’s time to plan ahead my meals for tomorrow and put some arsenals of health in my belt such as my Slique Oil and Lemon Oils for tomorrow’s lunch. I want to remember Easter by the memories I made with the people I love, not the regrets I have from the choices I made.

So here’s to water, oils and good exercise. Here’s to good choices, moving forward and a new day.

To see just how Slique, Peppermint and Lemon Oils can help you get back on track {and help your body lose weight}  and how I’ll use them too, watch below.

{Order yours now. Sponser/Enroller #1637236}

PS> My water challenge begins tomorrow!!!!!! Are you with me?


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