If you work at home, or away from the home, “homemaking” is still at our core. Pursue making your home a safe haven for yourself, your family and your guests, and reap the rewards!

Homemaker Foodie

Quote by C.J.Lewis – The homemaker has the ultimate career.  All others exist for one purpose only – and that is to


I am a brilliant modern day homemaker and I love it. I believe we homemakers are a unique species. We don the role of a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, daughter, friend, a working professional with equal ease. Many of us are homemakers either by choice or circumstance. However, the present day homemaker faces the challenges that our mother’s or grandmother’s could not even have dreamt of. We have to do a lot of balancing act between the traditional and modern beliefs to create a home.

Homemaking is a powerful and noble profession that anybody could dream of. It is dynamic, vital, interesting, engaging and creative. Let’s take a snapshot into our Job Description.

1. As a finance manager we are responsible for managing the resources which includes setting up…

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