From Black to Yellow. 

I realized this past Saturday that my once beautiful wooden desk, had turned yellow. 

Yellow, because it was covered in sticky notes. All of my “to-dos” individually written and posted on top of desk for me to see. As soon as I was done with a task, I would crumple up the paper and proudly toss it in the trash, getting the rush of excitement with each accomplished goal.



That is not exactly what happened. Actually, it was actually pretty miserable. You see, I had planned way to much for my day, equating accomplished tasks with feels of success. By the end of the day, I still had a number of yellow notes on my desk and I felt defeated. 

I had placed my sucess in the accomplishment of my to-do list. 

Do you do this?

I learned at that point, 3 important things:

– Not all tasks are created equal, so priority is the key! Simply put, alot of my tasks  could have been done at another time.

Prayer is a great helper of priority, and so is your spouse. Ask God what His agenda is for you. Ask your spouse on their thoughts of you P.O.D. (Plan of the day).

– Distractions are the pits. My day was full of distractions, not interupptions, mind you. I want interupptions to be apart of my day- these usually are the ways God needs us to serve other people. BUT! Distractions! These are the times I stop my task at hand to do some meaninless activity that has nothing to do with what I am working on. These may cause me to be ineffective, usually they are more appealing AND it is so much harder to get back on the task at hand!

So, let these things encourage you! Remember!!! Sucess is not measured in sticky-notes! 


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