Home Made Essential Oil Air Freshners

Today’s DIY: A simple Air Freshener made with some of your favorite Essential Oils. When my sons were diagnosed with allergies and asthma, I had to throw out all my pretty smelling air fresheners. I learned to make my own using allergy-friendly ingredients you can find in moderately-stocked grocery stores or department stores. Allergy safe, … More Home Made Essential Oil Air Freshners


Welcome. Take off your shoes, grab and drink and make yourself at home. First, you can read my story and see how I got started on this crazy wonderful journey of Essential Oils. Who is this blog for? Those wanting to take control of their health and their life. Those wanting freedom by working at … More Welcome

Coco for Coconut Oil

Recently I had my first spoon of coconut oil with Melaluca Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. Normally I would WEAR this, but I decided to gulf it, by the spoonful. Oily of course, I wanted to try it straight. Instead of explaining HOW this could be beneficial, I’d rather let  Cristee at Being Natural, take a … More Coco for Coconut Oil