Tired? Pick Yourself Up- 2 Minute Facial


This morning I woke up exhausted, slightly sleep deprived and a little bit fatiqued. Yes, I know- those all mean the same things, that’s how tired I was.  I got up within minutes of needing to leave for work, so it looked like I just rolled out of bed (which in fact I had). 

I had already had caffeine for the day, couldn’t sleep (which I needed) and looked terrible because of it. Plus, I had no make-up on nor did I have any with me! Not even lip-gloss! 

Quickly I grabbed the Lavender bottle, put a drop of oil in my hand, added a teaspoon of coconut oil and then messaged it all over my face. Within seconds, I felt relaxed, but awake, healthy and toned. Ahh my mini-2-minute-facial did the trick (plus I smelled really good). I knew I could easily apply it later if I needed, especially if I went in the sun, and that my skin was getting huge benefits from it! 

Here’s to mini-facials! Cheers! 😍


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