Extra Power for Your Skin

Anyone who lives in Florida knows one thing: the sun is brutal and merciless during the summer. Any fresh, virgin or pale skin will turn barn yard red within the hour. I know this as well, since I’ve lived in FL for 28 years. I KNOW that even the shady cloudy days, can scorch your skin. You have no choice but to wear sunblock or wear long sleeves. I KNOW THIS. It seems though…ever summer I forget.

My skin is not natural tan like my Filipino husband. I’m white and pale, the only tan I have is the myraid of freckles that decorate my nose. I don’t tan well, I fry and bake and make KFC sound like a skin condition. Yet in the excitement of going to the beach for the whole day with my hubby (who works the saturday shift quite consisentently) I didn’t get the sunblock. Well…actually I didn’t find it, and didn’t purchase any when we stopped at the convience store on the way either.

As a floridian, forgetting the sunblock for 3 hours was a STUPID idea.
As a floridian, forgetting the sunblock for 3 hours was a STUPID idea.

3 hours of bliss in the sunshine and sand, waves and wind I came home elated at the day we had. I soon realized though, my skin was not so grateful. Red, shiny, and krispy I could have lighted Santa’s sleigh, if Rudolph called in. I applied the cheap Aloe Vera gel I had, but the gooey sticky stuff didn’t do the trick. I turned to my natural first aid kit. Using a spray of essential oils was cooling and replinshing. (A spray verses a gel means that I didn’t have to touch the sore skin!).  It was one step in helping me get MY SKIN BACK quicker.

Essential OIls are nourishing and HEALTHY, when used correctly. They are able to aid your body systems in getting back to a “healthy state of mind” if you will. We won’t tell you that they “heal, cure, treat or prevent a sickness, illness or disease”. I will tell you though, that I have felt better, and have more energy and boost since using them. My body bounces back quicker without crazy side effects.

This makes SENSE for our family. It makes SENSE for our crazy-busy lifestyle to make switches in our household. It makes SENSE to use Essential Oils to supplement our health. And yes, we have families, and jobs, and commitments and friends and…life. To us it’s not just one more thing. To us, it’s a lifestyle. If this sounds like it make SENSE for you, but you don’t know where to get started- simply click on the contact me tab and I’d LOVE to chat with you. It just makes SENSE>

I got my skin BACK!
I got my skin back!

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