Using Essential oils around the home – Spray Bottles

Thriving with Young Living Oils

Unburden your body

Body Burden: A popular term for the total amount of a particular agent or chemical in the body; for some chemicals, the BB is high, because the agent is stored in fat or bone or is eliminated very slowly. Over time our body burden grows as does the resulting impact to our general wellbeing. There are many ways to lessen your body burden and live a more natural lifestyle. We look forward to sharing how essential oils can help in that journey!

Replacing simple air fresheners that are fill of chemicals and fragrance and be an awesome first start. Not only will you have a wonderful smell, you can enjoy all the properties and benefits of essential oils.  Here are some options using a few basic essential oils and a spray bottle. You can buy the bottles here

Room Sprayspray bottle

15 drops of your favorite essential oil (my…

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