What is a Carrier OIl and Why Do You Need One?

Have you ever heard the phrase: “Carrier oil” and had NO IDEA what it meant? OR have you had a friend give you some essential oil and then tell you to come home and use a carrier oil with it? {and you smile on the outside but on the inside shake your head in despair?}


You see the Essential Oils that you purchase and the Carrier Oils are VERY different. You need BOTH.

My friends over at Plant Therapy say this:

A carrier oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually the seed, nut or kernels. Carrier oils on their own have different therapeutic properties. The choice of the carrier oil will depend on what therapeutic benefit you are looking for. A carrier oil is used to dilute essential oils before they are applied to the skin. A carrier oil will also help “carry” the essential oil into the skin. 

carrier oils

 An essential oil is a volatile oil, highly concentrated oil,  obtained from plants, possessing the odor and other characteristic properties of the plant. The purest essential oils come from carefully cultivated and wild grown plants from climatic and geographic regions throughout the world. Essential oils are usually extracted by distillation or solvent extraction. An essential oil is actually not oily 🙂 and should evaporate

Great!  This means they can be used in conjunction with your essential oils. To break it down: Essential Oils and Carrier Oils come from plants, but they differ in how they are made AND how big their molecules are so …..

Essential Oils=smaller, more concentrated, Carrier Oils=bigger and oily.
Some common carrier oils are:- Coconut Oil –Olive Oil- or Young Living’s V-6 oil However, there are so many many more than these three! In fact, depending on the use and your skin type, different carrier oils work better for different people. My friend Sherri at Overthrow Martha, recommends taking this QUIZ to help you figure out what skin type you have, and then pairs it with a carrier oil that would be the most beneficial. Carrier Oils (1)
Most of these can be found in your local grocery store and since a lot of these oils are common to your kitchen, investing in them is a no brainier.
No matter, what carrier oil you use in the end, it will help your body by providing nutrients and help make your essential oils spread farther.
Homemade Hand Lotion (2)
Need an idea on how to use Coconut Oil? 
Try the Homemade Lavender-Rose Hand Cream recipe HERE.

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