The Man Behind the Mirror

I figured it may time to give you the man behind the mirror or in this case, the woman behind the blog.

I think I’ll start by saying.. I’m a newlywed (we can still say that!!)Yesterday was a special day for us. My hubby and I celebrated 2 years “together” but 9 months of marriage.  10710948_714158755335304_8335433986337211590_n       Exactly 2 years ago, I said yes to the question “would you like to pursue this adventure with me?” that I had said NO to the night before. 10 months later, we were engaged and 4 1/2 after that, we were married on one of Florida’s beautiful coasts. Our celebration   wedding 1included (but was not limited too) free tickets to go see the Minions. (we are kind of dorks like that…we have been WAITING for this movie). We all up for FREE dates and certainly not above filling out a survey to get free food!  (Or donating blood for free tickets).

I’m also a nanny who has worked for the same family for the past 2 1/2 years, watching 2 very adorable girls- 4 1/2 and (almost) 3 years. Yes, that means they’ve grown up with me! They were flower girls at our beach wedding.I love what I do- and when I see them 3 days a week there is never a dull-moment. We love the Science Center, the pool, the library, playing princess, building forts, having play dates, playing princess, having tea parties, painting, reading stories…oh and playing princess. Aurora, Ariel and Belle are currently in the tie for the “best.”

We love arts and crafts!
We love arts and crafts!

My other “job” is to teach about Essential Oils. This blog kinda came out of that. I wanted a place where people who wanted more information could go if they couldn’t make it to a class. I love teaching (I was a Prek teacher for 8 years) so this is a fun way to do that. And I get to do some really fun things- like have classes via Facebook. (CRAZY to think that is possible!). We really love using essential oils, and see so many benefits.

One of my favorites!
Peppermint: One of my favorites!

Of course, this is not to substitute other means of getting healthy like good foods, exercise and of course lots of laughter (laughter is medicine for the soul!). Another great thing, a benefit I never thought I would benefit from, is meeting new people and building a community. THAT has been such a benefit. 1 year ago I would have never known these amazing people if I hadn’t begin with Young Living. It’s great to have a team that is LOCAL that we can pursue. Here is a pic of one of YL members who we ran into at a 4th of July celebration….and ended up spending 2 hours picnicking with them.

Picnicking with several oilers at the 4th.
Picnicking with several oilers on the 4th of July.

My hubs and I live in a little 1-bedroom condo, 3 floors up which we affectionately call our tree house. I love being the “lady of the house” and be in charge, pick out the menu, decorate and show hospitality to guests. I LOVE having people over, and want to encourage ANYONE with a small place, you can still have people over. Even when you feel you don’t have enough SPACE. Our little condo housed up to 10 people at Christmas time- a squeeze but it was so much fun!

Our Collage Wall- a few pictures of our wedding, a tribute to our little girl we lost at 8 weeks, and a painting I had given my grandma a few years before she passed.
Our Collage Wall- a few pictures of our wedding, a tribute to our little girl we lost at 8 weeks, and a painting I had given my grandma a few years before she passed.

One of my favorites has been my collage wall. I feel as if I still need one more thing in the top corner (always decorate in odd numbers “they” say). We are still in need of a bookshelf since we got some awesome free books from our church curriculum sale. SO MANY CLASSICS! (We are reading junkies!)  Other than a few touches here and there, our little condo is just about complete!

I’m also a swimmer. A few ago I participate in Lucky’s Lake Swim- a 1 kilometer swim. It took me about 45 mins to complete (and red faced absolutely exhausted!). I’ve been “training” in our condo pool so that next time I go, I won’t feel like I’m dying. Hahaha. It’s kinda hard to train in a pool that is significantly smaller, but it’s still fun to try.

It was brutal, but I survived. Now I'm wanting to return to beat my time.
It was brutal, but I survived. Now I’m wanting to return to beat my time- Lucky’s Lake Swim, Florida.

Lastly, I’m a Christian and am apart of an amazing church and community group. Our church isn’t perfect by any means, but we love Jesus. God is faithful to lead us and change us! Our community group is so diverse with so many ethnicity’s. I love the bond and the fact that people are interested in your life, want to pursue relationships and ultimately love Jesus. These people are some of the godliest and humble people I know.

Our last Community Group Potluck. I love the diversity of our group, as well as the fellowship. Plus- these people know how to cook!
Our last Community Group Potluck. I love the diversity of our group, as well as the fellowship.I’m mid center sitting next to the hunky asian:D We are apart of Metro Life Church.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Well there’s alot more than can be said, but for now…;)

What about you? What are your hobbies and passions?


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