10 Benefits of Working from Home

Lately, my husband and I went through the difficult lose of loosing our daughter when I was 8 weeks pregnant. When we first found out we were pregnant my energy level was almost zero, and I’d wake up struggling each morning {to the point of crying} because I felt so weak. For the past 2 months, due to the complications of the miscarriage, I’ve been to the ER 3 times and had to call out numerous times.  After the loss of our daughter, I asked to go part-time from my job as a nanny as soon as I could. I go part-time in just a few short weeks. On days home sick in bed,  I’ve since gotten a small taste of what going part-time will feel. I love the fact I can go outside of the home and work, and invest in others, as well as now be able to rest. There are times though that I feel guilty! Guilty that I’m not contributing enough to our house hold income, that I’m not pulling my weight, etc. Fearful that I’m not making the right choice, fearful we are not “making enough”.My hubby who loves me IMMENSELY reminds me of a few things:

A man feels the weight of providing more than me, and though it can be a weight to provide for a family, it is also within a man to want to provide.

The second thing he reminds me to do is to rest & take care of myself. That means investing in myself now, so I have the energy to work later.

As I contemplated the benefits of me working part time away from the house and working part-time at home, I began to see it that money was only a small part of it. There were alot of benefits to be had to being home more.

If money is my only focus for me then it is a wrong motivation because I lose sight of the importance of investing in my home. Money should never be a motivation! That sounds so tough and ridiculous, but we run after that which is our focus! If I think of why I go to work, or why I stay home, the question I should be asking is this: “Does this serve others, invest in my health and family and ultimately build God’s Kingdom”? In our case, I do believe the answer is yes.

Certainly this answer can be different for others. I know that there are plenty of hard working wives and moms who work outside of the house and still do an amazing job with their home. This is solely where we believe God has us, knowing my struggles and my limitations. Its the risk we want to take. I’d be lying to say it isn’t a little scarry!

Perhaps maybe you’ve been contemplating staying at home more, and just need to see that it can be done! Praying through it with your spouse and asking God for wisdom is the first step. If you believe its the direction you should go, be encouraged by the list of my ten benefits of I have found that I will have by working from home.

1. I can rest when I need to. Maybe not all people who work from home can do this, but in my season of life, this is really helpful. The last 2 months have proved just how run-down I’ve been  and didn’t even realize it. At first, when I was home sick and not able to do much I felt guilty for being so lazy. But what I NEEDED was rest. When I was well, I did my chores. It wasn’t a desire NOT to work, but rather a season of equipping myself so I could work.

2. I can plan my errands, appointments on my days off without interfering with my work. That also means being available to run an errand for my hubby while he is working, help a family out or spontaneously babysit for a friend.

3. I have a day to plan nutritious meals, verses grabbing something on the go, spending less money “eating out” – trimming my waistline and fattening my wallet. My BIGGEST budget breaker has always been going out-to-eat. I have no excuse now to just “grab” something out because now I can cook, have meals made for lunch and even dinner. Tomorrow’s lunch is already in the fridge, ready to go!

4. I have time to do chores around the house, benefiting everyone. When laundry isn’t done, and we can’t find clean socks or the house is a mess and we can’t find what we need then we are late to our commitments, stress goes up, and conflict can ensue. That doesn’t mean I’m spending every waking moment being home cleaning, but setting an hour or so a day to keep the house picked up {when I actually have the energy to do it!} benefits everyone.

5. I can invest in my spiritual health. This is the MOST important. Spending time meditating on scripture, so that when I am out, I’m prepared, ready for whatever rolls my way. Reading good books and meeting  with others to share about my testimony or to encourage them in their walk with God are just a few more benefits along with being involved in outreaches

6. “Misc” projects can be accomplished. The last week I’ve not pursued my house projects with the main intent to rest, but I can schedule days where I’ll spend catching up on the projects. I can now finish getting those wedding photos on the wall!We all have those projects we regret that we didn’t finish, and I am intending on not letting that happen!

7. I have more energy to invest in others. Maybe this is a little redundant, but nothing gives me more productivity like a power nap!

8. I can invest in my home business, answering emails, following up with my team, and learning to grow as a leader.

9. My hubby and I would love to have kids {Lord willing!}  It will be an easier switch to be at home full-time mom as we make this transition now.

10. I’m more aware of the needs of my hubby and how to be his spiritual helper. When I’m rested I’m more able to get my eyes off my self and more on him to see how he is doing, how I can pray for him and envourage him.

So there are 10 great benefits- that in the long run I believe for us, will provide more benefical than the extra cash. I realize that immediately this isn’t realized by everyone, that there are things outside of our control that prevent us. Sometimes however, simple habit changes such as being on a budget, saying NO, or cutting out going out to eat, will save you alot of money enabling you to stay at home. Sometimes just saying NO to pleasures will help you succeed.

So if your thinking about staying home, maybe in some small simple way I can invite you to take the risk with me.


5 thoughts on “10 Benefits of Working from Home

  1. I can relate to your story. When I just started working from home, I felt guilty as well because I had always contributed to the household income. Over time however, I got used to it and now I work full time from home as a freelance writer and blogger. Coming from where I went to work 5 days per week in an office setting to now has been quite an adjustment but I wouldn’t go back to the way things were. The only drawback is that sometimes I miss the fellowship with my co-workers. But apart from that I am great. I have now totally replaced that income with the income that I make from home and I am less stressed, spend more time with my children and husband, and am just happier in general. God has worked out everything for my good. I’m sure he’ll do the same for you. Thanks for sharing!


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