Soccer, Menu Plans and Creativity.

There is so much to blog about tonight!

Let me just start off with a little catching up- and tell you about a great weekend we had and follow up to some previous posts.

Saturday we went to the Orlando City Soccer game, and it was a blast. Orlando City was the first soccer team to jump from the minor leagues to major league, AND Orlando’s first MLS team. My hubs is a huge fan, and I am becoming one! To join in his patriotism (and to avoiding me stealing his hat)  My hubs bought me my very own cap, which I affectionately call my “baseball hat” just to annoy him;)  Remember, when I said I didn’t know what I was going to wear? Well…I came up with IMG_2632

IMG_2630 A gold button down shirt and a purple dress (that I forgot I had). The weather was muggy for a while, but after the sun went down, the jacket came in handy (for us wimpy Floridians- under 80 degrees is chilly). Our seats were rather close to the field. The game was quite exciting, though it ended it a major loss.  While we were there we saw our friend Albert featured with Limitless Solutions on the screen. Albert and Katie are mover’s and shakers, in the world of making a difference in others. and I’m so blessed to be their friends. IMG_2639 ———Okay, on a totally different topic———-

Okay, on a totally different topic. Recently, I wrote about getting out of debt and some ideas on how to save money.  People have asking  how my hubby and I do $20 a person at the grocery store. I just wanted to let you know that I will be posting some of my menu plans soon and how we can spend $40 a week and EAT GOOD. (I mean good! saith my waistline) Seriously, good healthy meals that are simple, cheap and super delicious. Just to give you an idea, tonight’s dinner was delicious ravioli with tomato pesto, meatballs and mozzarella cheese. I’m not talking Chep Boyardee either! Pasta is a fun treat on our menu, since our meals are usually laden with delicious fresh veggies and whole grains:D

OH ONE MORE THING!!!! ——I’m super excited to share about this!——–

Really quick!!!!  I wanted to give you a sneak peak at a creative project I’m working on. That’s right, diffuser necklaces! FullSizeRenderThese are great for guys/girls, and for anytime wear. (I can’t wait to wear mine to the beach, not in the water of course!) Each style is uniquely made from either hemp or leather cording. The diffuser part is the main medallion in the center that has felt attached so you can add your own essential oil. Each felt piece will hold the oil for about 3-4 days.   Once I get the link up, you will be able to nab your own. Here are a few close up’s. IMG_2674

{May I remind you that this is one awesome reason to work from home? You get to be super creative??} IMG_2675

That’s all for now! More about these later!


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