5 Reasons I Won’t Be Joining A Diet Program This Fall

5 reasons I won’t be joining a diet program this fall.

Much to my disappointment summer is slowing coming to an end. Warm Florida weather may linger for a few months more  (well into what other states refer to a fall and winter), the beaches will still be open,but the crowds will be slowing down.With back to school- it triggers something in the human brain. Spice pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pie, desserts covered in caramel and sugar and a slice of some good ole’ Apple pie all come flooding into our lives. With it comes calories, tight pants and a bloated feeling. Yet a new craze of   of eating healthier is on the rise- everything from Beach body to Celebrity fix- to fit sticks and juices, I know this fall I will not be jumping on these exercise programs. The cultural shift has gone from delicious appetizing meals to Vegan, Paleo, Gluten free. (Which brings me to remember the ghostly whispers of the 90’s diets- Weight Watchers, Atkins diets and exercising with Richard Simmons)

I won't be participating in a diet this fall.
I won’t be participating in a diet this fall.

Before getting married, I packed on 30 lbs of out-to-eat eating, wedding planning (in public places) and grabbing delicious treats for me (and my hubby to be). Because of that I struggled with aspects of my wedding, aspects of my pictures (of myself-my photographer did an awesome job!)

Since then, I’ve debated about joining a diet program. I’ve certainty done some cleanses and picked up my exercising but the more I’ve thought about the more I’ve realized I won’t be joining a program.

  1. Self-focus- for me this is a personal conviction. When I have tried diet programs in the past it has been always about me. Now I know not all diet programs are specifically about weight focus-  they have accountability, community and a whole host of other things involved. But when my focus is about  “me”  I stress out- become discouraged and give up.  It could be argued that people who don’t take care of themselves need to do so. I agree, we should take care of ourselves- our body is the only one given. I’m not saying eating healthy and exercise and community are bad things. Please hear what I’m saying. We need to take care of ourselves. However, when you can Google the word “diet” and get a billion and one results- because we all need to lose weight, I feel like something is terribly wrong.
  2.   Thankfulness for the food I’ve been given. I want to be grateful for enjoying company with others. If a friend invites me to their house and serves me pizza and I’m on a diet – what do I do?  A conundrum for sure! If I am thankful for the pizza, stop when I’m full and do not continue to eat, then I’m blessing my neighbor and blessing others. Sure, sometimes foods effect us in crazy ways. For whatever reason I can’t drink regular milk. Yogurt, cheese, or any other diary product is fine, but pour me a glass of regular milk and my stomach ties in knots. I’m thankful when I don’t get milk. I have to politely refuse. I however can’t be worried about all the ingredients in every dish served to me. If I’m very concerned, I simply pray!
  3. Budget and meal planning. I have realized it isn’t the lack of knowledge or “the foods” I eat that have caused me to even consider diets in the first place. It was usually when I was spending money (not on the budget), refusing to stop when I was full or overspending. Most of the time for me overeating (or eating junk) = over spending and reverse. Planning out my menu, being home at meal-times, making simple meals and having a plan has helped tremendously!
  4.  Flexibility. Just a thought, but why am I only eating one type of food, when our bodies need lots of nourishment?
  5. My body isn’t the same as yours. Universal diets are just that- universal. Or they say that because I weight 1– – lbs I need to be eating —- amount of calories? You see in the 10 months we’ve been married I’ve learned something about my hubby– He needs MEAT! He currently works at a restaurant where he is blessed with free lunches, (of course he gets meat!). His body functions much better if it’s chocked with protein and low carb. Mine? I need veggies and fruits and lots of them. It’s harder for me to lose weight however, I know that if I don’t have some sort of greens during the day I feel sluggish. If I ate a whole bag of spinach + pistachios for lunch and was satisfied then that’s awesome.If I was super hungry and ate 3 slices of pizza, and felt satisfied (not full) then that’s awesome too. The greens are sure better for me than the pizza by far, (who could argue) but at times I can say I need pizza too!  I need to LISTEN to my body and what it needs. If I counted calories (which I’ve done) I can tell you– it might not be the nutrients I need! And I still feel so hungry after!

Of course all that is to say, I’ll be listening to my body more, using self-control and planning meals in advance. I’m okay with not being super-skinny but I have to say I have lost weight. I feel better. I’ve invested in myself by listening to my body. But I’ll be thankful for what I have, say NO to what makes me feel sluggish, eat when I’m hungry (be that 4am or 2pm) and stop when I’m full. And yes, if you make me pizza when I come over, you better believe I’ll have a slice:D


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