10 Things I Do Before Going to Bed

Do you have a bed-time routine? What is it? I’ve learned that having a good routine sets me up for the next day. Here are my 10 things I do before bed.


  1. Dishes in the sink – My hubby washes the dishes so it’s helpful to have everything ready for him.
  2. Lock-up- a chore my hubby and I share. Grateful for our little home and prayers for peace and safety.
  3. Check my organization- who needs encouragement, prayer on my team? Who do I need to follow up with questions?
  4. Apply Oils/Take Supplements- a part of my health regiment. My body is able to reset with an extra boost!
  5. Write down ideas – It always seems that by the  end of the day all the ideas that I have been accumulating through out the day- scream for attention. The end of the day also brings not enough energy to tackle those ideas, so instead I get them out on paper and lay them on the desk. PicCollage(7)
  6. Make a list for the next day-  This helps me tackle some of my ideas and prioritize my time. This also means setting business hours for myself.
  7. Last “Phone Check”.  Is there any notifications, emails that I need to respond tomorrow?
  8. Brush teeth/wash face- All apart of my wellness/health regime!
  9. Prayer/Journaling- What am I thankful for this day? What are the things God has shown me about himself? What are the struggles I had?
  10. Bible/Reading – OH refresh my heart oh God!

You can get a jump on your morning routine with Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings here…

What are your 10 things?


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2 thoughts on “10 Things I Do Before Going to Bed

  1. Oh this is a wonderful to do list. I usually have most of the chores in my mind in the evening, and always wanted to write them down if I forget. But thanks a lot for this. I shall use this as a reference.



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