30 Days of Crazy

Before I begin our posts with our foodie series, I wanted to jump in on for a moment and tell you why I’ve been absent the last few weeks. It boils down to just enjoying life.

See in the last few weeks, my best friend went to Australia (and is coming home tomorrow) allowing me to “sub” in on her job of taking care of some sweet kids. It’s also kept me on my toes! My sister-in-law got married, which meant a 4-day mini-vacation at the beach for my hubbs and I. I’ve help 2 families move, helped 2 families deep clean their house (moving!) my hubs began soccer, and I’ve started a 30-day challenge. Life has been busy, fast, tiring, even sleepless at times. However, every moment has been one to enjoy, because even as I write this, time flows by quickly through our fingers. There has been not moments to record life, because we have been enjoying it!

That is to say except my muscles. đŸ˜‰ {So thankful to this lovely treasure coming in the mail!}.

As you may have read in my previous post, you know that I won’t be joining a diet program this fall. With our anniversary sneaking up on me in 2 short weeks, I did want

Today: 50 squat Jumps, 200 Crunches, Wall-sit to failure, Jumping Jacks in 1-minute, Push-ups in 1 Minute! Getting stronger!
Today: 50 squat Jumps, 200 Crunches, Wall-sit to failure, Jumping Jacks in 1-minute, Push-ups in 1 Minute! Getting stronger!

to push myself beyond what I was “used-to” and get toned up! For the fun of it, I began a 30-day challenge along with committing with some others on Facebook to exercise. I’m on Day 11, a few days behind my time-line and feel stronger already!

But on another note……

I had a friend emailing me a few days back asking for some ideas for meals. You can see some of the ideas here. But tonight’s meal? Homemade chicken salad sandwiches with Zucchini Melts. By using what I already had left over from other meals, this meal was cheap AND delicious. Listed below are the ingredients with what I already HAD and what I BOUGHT. Keep in mind all the BOUGHT items, will be used in other dishes this week as well.

Chicken Salad:

  • Chicken-(Had)
  • Cranberry Juice – (HAD)
  • Apples (HAD)
  • Mayo (had)
  • Creamy Ranch Yogurt Dressing (had)
  • Bread (bought)
  • Celery (bought)
  • Pistachios (bought)

Zucchini Melts

  • Zucchini (bought)
  • Cheese (had)
  • Olive oil and spice (had)

It made so much we will be having it for dinner tomorrow night! Out of all the ingredients it took to pull off that meal I only had to buy 4 ingredients and those will be used in other meals as well. Here is what they will be used for:

  • Bread: French toast, sandwiches, toast
  • Celery: Juicing
  • Pistachios: Snacking, toasted pistachios with butternut squash, cabbage, rice
  • Zucchini: More zucchini melts, sausage veggie pasta

It was so delicious we didn’t even get a picture of it! But needless to say…there is more chicken salad in the fridge!

What is your favorite CHEAP meal?


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