My Midnight Chat

{This was a story I shared on Facebook, only tweaking it to fit here on this blog. Enjoy!}

SO I have to be really honest….even though I love social media  and blogging and and love to talk I also LOVE to hear stories and hear from you! This blog may or may not be a right fit for everyone, I don’t know. But what I am encouraged about is that you never know if something is going to work until you try it. Figure it out. “Test” out your talents, see what works and what doesn’t. That will flow from your PASSION of what you love to do, as you serve people!

I have to say I am passionate about Young Living essential oils. I’ve seen them work countless time and time again. Friends have shared testimonies with me, shared stories with me…” Oh I used Peppermint and I felt sooo much better…” or Lavender. Or Nitro. Or Thieves…These stories are super encouraging to me!

When I started with Young Living it’s because we saw results. We saw it worked! My hubby has an awesome story about his very favorite “manly” oil– Lavender. Yep. That’s his favorite and he has a very good reason! (I’ll let him tell you!) And we see them work over and over. Want to know why they’ve become so popular these last couple of years…well there’s a reason for it!

I think people are skeptical when we talk about essential oils. That’s okay, it really is. If you are- cool. I know I’ve been skeptical towards a lot of stuff too. But just like my momma used to say you don’t know if you like something until you try it. And that’s the truth. You don’t. So give it a go, what do you have to lose?

I have to say in the last year, God has taught me a lot about himself and about what he wants me to do, giving me clarity. I think when I started YL it was a project and a business. Now it’s a ministry. Friends….I get to come in contact with people I would have never met. Think about that for a second…that’s so stink’n crazy awesome. I get to meet people who maybe just maybe I’ll get to encourage, pray for, hear their story, talk about Jesus…You just never-never know what God has planned. Seriously there are moments that I sit with friends and the spirit of God just hits us hard, because we have the opportunity set up to talk about HIM. Yeah we are passionate about oils, but we love Jesus. And ultimately he’s all that matters.

Ultimately the question is, what is God going to do. Oils, blogging, etc…are tools. They are tools that God gives us to point back to him. He’s glorious, wonderful, amazing and majestic. He’s created us with a purpose, and given us all gifts and talents and tools. If we listen his given us the tools to be successful in his kingdom. (That’s a popular word nowadays…success.) But whether we “succeed” or “fail” God is there, teaching us, wooing us, convicting us, and giving us the greatest gift of himself.

Even though I have “plans” for this blog, honestly I can’t tell you what it will look like in 5 years. It may be very different or it might be quite the same. It may evolve over different themes, formats, and posts. It may be super serious or it may tickle your funny bone. Whatever it does, I want it to point to Jesus. Yes, I may chat about the difference between Lemon and Lemon grass or give you tips on saving money, but I want it to always point back to him. To show you just who he is and what he’s done for me. Okay. The. End.

 But seriously guys….


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