We’ve moved!

Well it’s finally happened…we’ve moved to a new landing site.

You see over the course of the last several months I had this nagging sensation that this blog…with all it’s posts and features, just wasn’t where I wanted it to be. After lots of tweeks and playing around with different features I just couldn’t get it to serve the purpose I wanted…that is until now!

We are happy to announce the new landing page for this blog will be here:http://yldist.com/happyoiling3/blog/

We will be merging all YOUR FAVORITE posts to that new site, so for the next several weeks both blogs will be live. By the end of the new year however we will close down this site and happyoilingblog.wordpress.com will be no longer. So to our faithful subscribers, be sure to subscribe to the NEW site otherwise you will not longer receive your posts. We are so happy for this new move and hope it serves you better! See you on the other side.

In case you’ve missed it— Here’s the NEW site one more time— http://yldist.com/happyoiling3/blog/


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