Kimberly and Matthew's Story
Kimberly and Matthew’s Story


This stuff works!!!! For real!!! I have a little story from this past weekend. I’ve always been a little skeptical of oils and natural remedies. Expecting much of it to be a placebo effect. But this weekend I was hosting my very first Housewarming party! I was so excited! I worked out that morning and then went most of the day barely eating anything while preparing for the party. If anyone has migraines like I do, you know that not eating every few hours can make you feel drained!And as a result… at about 3pm I started feeling terrible. ! I couldn’t focus on anything. I was feeling nauseated and was in so much pain that my mind was fuzzy. I was not being a good hostess at all and I was so bummed that this had to happen during such a special night.. My dear friend Kayla (and probably everyone else) noticed I was not feeling well and asked if I wanted some peppermint oil )… Just to be nice I said “sure I’d try anything” (still very skeptical… thinking that this would be the worst Housewarming party I would ever throw.) Literally within 10 minutes, I was  rejuvenated and had more energy than I had all day! So as a result- I AM NOW A BELIEVER! And I gotta order some of that peppermint oil 🙂 Skepticism gone! New hope ahead! I definitely recommend Essential Oils. And I am excited to see other ways oils will surprise me 🙂 THANKS KAYLA!!

Amy’s Story


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