Kimberly and Matthew's Story


Amy’s Story

This stuff works!!!! For real!!! I have a little story from this past weekend. I’ve always been a little skeptical of oils and natural remedies. Expecting much of it to be a placebo effect. But this weekend I was hosting my very first Housewarming party! I was so excited! I worked out that morning and then went most of the day barely eating anything while preparing for the party. You know that not eating every few hours can make you feel drained!And as a result… at about 3pm I started feeling terrible. ! I couldn’t focus on anything. I was feeling nauseated and was in so much pain that my mind was fuzzy. I was not being a good hostess at all and I was so bummed that this had to happen during such a special night.. My dear friend Kayla (and probably everyone else) noticed I was not feeling well and asked if I wanted some peppermint oil )… Just to be nice I said “sure I’d try anything” (still very skeptical… thinking that this would be the worst Housewarming party I would ever throw.) Literally within 10 minutes, I was  rejuvenated and had more energy than I had all day! So as a result- I AM NOW A BELIEVER! And I gotta order some of that peppermint oil 🙂 Skepticism gone! New hope ahead! I definitely recommend Essential Oils. And I am excited to see other ways oils will surprise me 🙂 THANKS KAYLA!!



Kylene’s Story

“I am a wife of nearly 12 years, and a mom to two little boys (age 6 and 4). I’m the daughter of a chiropractor-dad and holistic-mom and was born at home along with my two brothers. We grew up 100% drug free, and continue to live preventative maintenance lifestyles. All of our Young Living goodies (oils, supplements, and body care) play a VERY large role in my families overall health and wellness.

My passion is to share what I’ve learned and to equip others as they embark on their health journey.  We started tentatively using the oils, only a drop every once in awhile. Once I learned exactly what the oils were doing within my body, I was confident that they were a crucial tool for our optimal health. Now we use them for nearly EVERYTHING under the sun, from eye health to boosting the immune system, from supporting the hormonal system to purifying the air we breathe! Just.Can’t.Get.Enough.!

My favorite part about the oils:
– You can’t go wrong. God intricately designed our bodies. He also intricately designed the Earth and all that’s in it. Our God-designed bodies recognize the God-designed oils and utilize what it needs and disposes of the rest. Today, my favorite oil is Carrot Seed. We have some mixed with coconut oil and use it during the summer as our body lotions.”-